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Turtle Check Ups!


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Dec 14, 2023
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On January 18th, Wonders of Wildlife’s ten loggerhead sea turtle rescues underwent medical exams. These exams included a physical, blood work and x-rays conducted by our aquatic holding biologists and vet staff. Six of the loggerheads have pneumonia and received antibiotics for treatment. WOW’s Life Sciences team will continue to monitor and recognize necessary adjustments to achieve the fastest route to recovery for each turtle. Some loggerheads will need extra medical assistance like Branson who is battling frost bite and Lampe who has a fracture on his carapace (upper part of the shell). Keep up to date with the loggerhead’s progress on our social media channels and on our website at https://wondersofwildlife.org/sea-turtles/.

To understand each step of the medical exam process further in depth and its importance to the turtles’ well-being, go to https://wondersofwildlife.org/sea-turtles/medical-exams/.

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