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Rhode Island Clam Chowder (Clear Broth Chowder)


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Dec 14, 2023
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Rhode Island Clam Chowder (Clear Broth Chowder)

Have you ever heard of Rhode Island Clam Chowder? This clear broth clam chowder has no cream or milk, and is a lighter clam chowder than other versions. It’s so simple and easy to make in only 30 minutes, especially because this version uses canned clams (but feel free to use fresh if you want!).

You’ve heard of New England clam chowder, and maybe you’ve heard of Manhattan clam chowder (which has tomatoes in it), but have you ever heard of clear broth clam chowder from Rhode Island (and Connecticut)? It’s simple, delicious, easy to make, and lighter than its creamy counterpart. Plus, because it has no cream or milk in it, it’s easy to make it dairy-free (though I love adding a little butter for flavor and richness).

Rhode Island has so many unique cuisines specific to the area. From bakery pizza (which honestly I just don’t get) to stuffies to clamcakes and coffee milk, it’s amazing how much is unique to the tiny state! And this clear broth Rhode Island clam chowder is a staple in the area.

...GET THE RECIPE for Rhode Island Clam Chowder (Clear Broth Chowder)!
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