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Where To Stay In Osaka: The Best Hotels & Areas In 2024


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Dec 14, 2023
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Wondering where to stay in Osaka on your next trip to Japan? I’ve got you covered! Find the best areas and hotels in Osaka in the guide below.

If you love good food and fantastic nightlife, Osaka should definitely be on your Japan itinerary. Also known as the Nation’s Kitchen, Osaka is heaven for foodies. You cannot leave the city without trying some takoyaki and okonomiyaki (delicious!).

The second biggest city in Japan also has its own airport and is perfect for day trips to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe.

But even though Osaka is such a treat to visit, it’s a large city. Choosing the right area and hotel to stay in during your trip may get a little overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together this handy guide of the best areas in Osaka.

I’ve dedicated each area to a specific type of traveller. That way, you can easily find the best hotel in Osaka that fits your needs.

In this guide
  1. In a rush? Best places to stay in Osaka
  2. 1. Umeda (Kita) – Where To Stay In Osaka For First Time Visitors
  3. 2. Namba (Minami) – Where To Stay In Osaka For The Best Nightlife
  4. 3. Shin-Osaka – Where To Stay In Osaka For Day Trippers
  5. 4. Honmachi (Central Osaka) – Where To Stay In Osaka On A Budget
  6. 5. Osaka Bay Area – Where To Stay In Osaka For Families & Universal Studios
  7. Stay in Kyoto or Osaka?
  8. Best Times To Visit Osaka
  9. Conclusion – Where To Stay In Osaka
  • In a rush? Best places to stay in Osaka​

    If you’ve not got the time to read the full guide, check our breakdown of the best areas and hotels in Osaka below, including our top pick!

    The Navigatio’s top Pick
    the bridge hotel osaka

    The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi​

    With a perfect location (7 minutes from Dotonbori and 2 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station) and comfortable rooms, The Bridge Hotel is my favourite hotel in Osaka.

    The hotel also hosts a daily Free Ramen Event where you can pick up a free bowl of ramen – including sake, beer or sodas. They also offer free bike rentals and host other free cultural experiences (including kimono try-ons, origami workshops and more).

    Book Now

    Minami and Kita are the two best areas to stay in for first-time visitors. Minami (where you can find Dotonbori) is the heart of Osaka’s nightlife and has great connections to other parts of the city. Kita, on the other hand, is a bit less busy, but very close to the main train station – making it easy to go on day trips if you choose Osaka as your base.

    Budget travellers will be happy to hear that Honmachi (Central Osaka) and Tennoji have great and affordable options. And, of course, Osaka is home to Universal Studios. Visitors or families will have a great time staying in the Osaka Bay Area.

    AreaBest ForHotelBook Now
    Umeda/KitaFirst-time visitorsSonezaki Luxe HotelCheck Availability
    NambaNightlife & food loversKaraksa Hotel Osaka NambaCheck Availability
    Shin-OsakaDay trippersHotel Androoms Shin-OsakaCheck Availability
    Honmachi (Central Osaka)Budget TravellersSuper Hotel Lohas HonmachiCheck Availability
    Osaka Bay AreaFamilies & Universal Studio visitorsArt Hotel Osaka Bay TowerCheck Availability

    Best Area To Stay In Osaka (Map)​

    Below is an overview of my recommended areas in Osaka.

    where to stay in osaka map

    Blue = Umeda
    Green = Namba
    Yellow = Shin-Osaka
    Pink = Honmachi
    Black = Osaka Bay Area

    1. Umeda (Kita) – Where To Stay In Osaka For First Time Visitors​

    Best for first-time visitors.

    Why Stay In Umeda?​

    Umeda is located in the northern part of Osaka. Since it’s close to one of the main train stations, you won’t have to worry about taking the subway with your suitcases after arriving in the city.

    It’s the perfect place to stay when you’re visiting Osaka for the first time because it’s very accessible. It’s easy to make your way around the city from here, to see all of Osaka’s highlights. And because it’s close to Umeda station, it’s also perfect for making a day trip to Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, or Himeji.

    Umeda has a modern cityscape look and is home to the business district of the city. But even though it’s home to a ton of businesses, there are also many restaurants and shops around – perfect for a nice meal before heading back to your hotel in the evening.

    Most hotels in this area have spacious rooms for Japanese standards. During our first trip to Japan, we also stayed in Umeda and were very surprised at the size of the room; it was huge compared to the hotels we stayed at in Tokyo and Kyoto. Especially since it was the cheapest hotel of the entire trip!

    Downside: While Umeda has a lot of pros, it does lack a traditional atmosphere that you can find in Namba.

    Where To Stay In Umeda?​

    Umeda is where I stayed when visiting Osaka for the first time, and it was perfect for our trip. Not too busy or loud, large rooms, nearby bars and restaurants, and close to the train/subway station. Here are my recommendations in this area:

    Sonezaki Luxe Hotel (4*)​

    The Sonezaki Luxe Hotel is the best hotel I stayed in when visiting Japan for the first time. Even though it was the cheapest hotel on our itinerary, it was the biggest room with the most comfortable bed and a huge shower room. It’s located in a quiet alleyway, and while there isn’t an on-site restaurant, there are tons of bars and eateries nearby. Only a short 10-minute walk to the train station and great value for money!

    Book Now
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    Where to stay in Osaka Umeda

    Hilton Osaka Hotel (5*)​

    While it’s a little more expensive than other hotels on this list, the Hilton definitely gives you what you pay for. The location is almost unbeatable, as it’s pretty much next to Umeda station. It comes with a swimming pool, fitness area, and an on-site restaurant. The rooms have a modern vibe with traditional Japanese elements.

    Book Now
    Check Availability
    Best Osaka Hotels Umeda

    Hotel Wing Select Osaka Umeda (3*)​

    This funky and affordable hotel gives real value for your money. Located close to Umeda station, Hotel Wing Select is very much “the great Gatsby” inspired – with a bar/restaurant and rooms with fabulous decorations and well-sized beds. Washing machines and tumble dryers are available too, making it a perfect stop on your trip through Japan.

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    Where to stay in Osaka for first time visitors
    Find more hotels in Umeda

    2. Namba (Minami) – Where To Stay In Osaka For The Best Nightlife​

    Best for Osaka’s nightlife and food-lovers

    Why Stay In Namba?​

    Another fantastic area for hotels in Osaka is Namba. It’s also great for first-time visitors, but especially perfect when you want to experience Osaka’s vibrant nightlife.

    Dotonbori is located in Namba, which is an area filled with flashy neon signs, restaurants, bars, shops, and street food. This area is one of the most famous ones in Osaka. If you’re ready to party (and eat until you’re about to explode), this is the perfect place to stay.

    On top of that, Namba has a huge transport hub, which makes it easy to make your way around Osaka. It’s perfect if you want to explore the city or go on a day trip to Nara or Wakayama.

    Downside: Since Namba is the entertainment hub of Osaka, it can get pretty busy and loud.

    Where To Stay In Namba?​

    So you’re ready to enjoy the lively area of Namba when staying in Osaka? There are some great hotels in the area, and these are my recommendations:

    IAM Hotel (4*)​

    If you want to stay close to where the action is happening but avoid the huge crowds, IAM Hotel may be the perfect match. Only a short 5-minute walk from Dotonbori and the Glico Man Sign and close to Namba Station, the location is perfect. The rooms are large, with a minimalist but modern Japanese interior—ideal for a few comfortable nights in Osaka.

    Book Now
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    Karaksa Hotel Osaka Namba (4*)​

    Another hotel in an incredible location, Karaksa Hotel in Namba sits only 10 minutes from Namba JR station and 5 minutes from Dotonbori. While it’s a busy area, the hotel itself is surprisingly quiet. The minimal design has some lovely wooden features that warm up the vibes. Top it off with some comfortable and thick mattresses, and you’ve got yourself a perfect hotel in Osaka.

    Book Now
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    where to stay in namba osaka hotel

    Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka (4*)​

    This hotel is by far one of the best places to stay in Osaka. While there are spacious double rooms available, the hotel also offers full-sized apartments with fitted kitchens at a very reasonable price. You can also find a fitness centre and sauna in the building. The views from the rooms are stunning, and Namba station is just a little walk away. The perfect place if you want a little more than just a hotel room without breaking the bank.

    Book Now
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    apartment in osaka
    Find more hotels in Namba

    3. Shin-Osaka – Where To Stay In Osaka For Day Trippers​

    Best for taking day trips from Osaka & only staying one night after arriving on the shinkansen

    Why Stay In Shin-Osaka?​

    Shin-Osaka is the area surrounding the train station that is also home to the shinkansen (bullet train). Because Osaka is quite affordable, especially compared to Kyoto, it’s the perfect place to stay if you’re planning on taking some day trips.

    With the bullet train, you can easily make day trips to Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, or Himeji from Osaka. If you’re planning to get the most out of your Japan Rail Pass, this is a great area to pick.

    But even if many day trips are on the itinerary, staying in Shin-Osaka still gives you enough opportunity to explore Osaka. It’s only a short subway ride away from downtown Osaka, and you can make your way around the city using public transport.

    Downside: There isn’t much to do and see in the area.

    Where To Stay In Shin-Osaka?​

    Many hotels in Shin-Osaka are very basic because they are mainly used for short stays by business people. But luckily, there are a few great hotels here too that will give you a much better experience for the same price! Here are my favourites:

    Hotel Androoms Shin-Osaka (3*)​

    A 5-10 minute walk from Shin-Osaka JR station, Hotel Androoms Shin-Osaka offers lovely and modern rooms for your stay in the city. You can enjoy a soak in the on-site spa, or dine in their restaurant. And on top of that, there is a lawson supermarket nearby. You can even hire free bikes to explore the area.

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    where to stay in shin osaka

    Karaksa Hotel Grande Shin-Osaka Tower (4*)​

    Another hotel close to the JR station (around 5 minutes). The rooms have a lovely atmosphere and actually feel very homey-cosy compared to the many plain business hotels in the area. With stunning views, a great location, and an on-site onsen, it won’t disappoint.

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    best hotels in osaka
    Find more hotels in Shin-Osaka

    4. Honmachi (Central Osaka) – Where To Stay In Osaka On A Budget​

    Best for visiting Osaka on a budget

    Why Stay In Honmachi?​

    While Japan isn’t the cheapest country to visit, I believe you can make it as expensive or cheap as you like. And staying in Honmachi can help budget your trip a little better.

    Located between Kita and Minami, Honmachi lays in Central Osaka. There isn’t much to see or do, but that means that accommodation is very affordable. Yet, there are quite a few good restaurants around. You can walk to Osaka Castle from Honmachi, or take the subway to visit any other part of the city with ease.

    Downside: There isn’t much to do or see in Honmachi, but you can easily take the subway to visit Osaka’s highlights.

    Where To Stay In Honmachi?​

    Even though there’s not much to do in Honmachi, it has tons of restaurants and very fairly-priced hotels. Find the best ones below:

    Super Hotel Lohas Honmachi (3*)​

    Despite being a very affordable hotel, Super Hotel Lohas Honmachi gives you a ton of value! It’s located pretty much next to the subway, making it very easy to get around Osaka despite staying in Honmachi. On top of that, the hotel has an on-site onsen for guests!

    Book Now
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    budget hotel osaka

    Osaka View Hotel Honmachi (4*)​

    The rooms in the Osaka View Hotel Honmachi are beautiful! Some of them come with a tatami seating area and have fantastic views over Osaka. The hotel is located close to the station, giving you easy access to other parts of the city.

    Book Now
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    apartment in osaka tourist

    S-peria Inn Osaka Hommachi (4*)​

    A lovely budget hotel with all the necessities for a comfortable stay in Osaka. With Honmachi metro station only 5 minutes away, you won’t have to worry about staying in this area to save some money.

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    places to stay in Osaka budget
    Find more hotels in Honmachi

    5. Osaka Bay Area – Where To Stay In Osaka For Families & Universal Studios​

    Best for families and visitors of Universal Studios.

    Why Stay In The Osaka Bay Area?​

    Even with so much delicious fresh seafood available, it’s easy to forget that Osaka is a large port city. While you can enjoy looking out over Osaka Bay in this area, there are some great things to do here too.

    It’s home to Osaka Universal Studios, the Osaka Aquarium, the Tempozan Ferris wheel, and many shops/restaurants. Obviously, it’s a great place to stay if you’re planning on visiting any of these, but it’s also perfect for families.

    Osaka Bay Area has a lot of American vibes with tons of different types of Western fast food to enjoy. On top of that, it’s much quieter than staying in areas like Umeda or Namba. And because it’s located a little subway ride from the city, it’s also much more affordable.

    Downside: It takes 20-30 minutes on the subway to get into central Osaka from Osaka Bay Area. But that makes it a much quieter and more affordable place to stay.

    Where To Stay In The Osaka Bay Area?​

    While there is a much larger selection of hotels available in other districts, Osaka Bay Area still has some fantastic gems. Here are my recommendations for places to stay:

    Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower (4*)​

    One of the best hotels in the area, the Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower offers wonderful rooms with stunning city views. The hotel offers a free shuttle service to and from Universal Studio. Next door, guests can enjoy the hot springs at a discounted rate. A lovely hotel that gives real value to its guests!

    Book Now
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    where to stay in osaka bay

    The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios (4*)​

    The newest hotel near Universal Studios is located only a few short minutes from the entrance of the park – perfect for those who are planning to visit it. Most of the rooms have lovely city views. And on-site you can find a laundry room, a cafe, a pancake shop, and a pizza restaurant!

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    universal studio osaka hotel

    Hotel Universal Port (4*)​

    Another lovely hotel near Universal Studios (only 4 minutes from the entrance!), Hotel Universal Port comes with a restaurant and massage services. The rooms are spacious and give you all the comfort needed to enjoy your time in Osaka. You can also find some lovely views of the Bay from the hotel.

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    Best places to stay in Osaka

    Find more hotels in the Osaka Bay Area

    Stay in Kyoto or Osaka?​

    Because Osaka and Kyoto aren’t very far from each other, you may wonder which city is best to stay in. It’s true that you can reach Osaka within half an hour from Kyoto with the shinkansen, making it a perfect day trip.

    Deciding in which city to stay completely depends on your preferences, itinerary, and budget. When we visited Japan for the first time, we actually stayed in both cities. Three nights in Kyoto, three nights in Osaka. This way, we got to experience both cities and had more than enough time to see everything we wanted to see.

    Osaka is cheaper than Kyoto, especially during the Sakura season. After having stayed in pretty small rooms in Tokyo and Kyoto, it was a very nice surprise to find out that our hotel room in Osaka was so large! Especially since it was the cheapest hotel during our trip!

    But on the other hand, Kyoto has a more traditional atmosphere. If you want to stay in a ryokan, for example, Kyoto is the best choice. You can check out my hotel guide if you wonder where to stay in Kyoto.

    three weeks in Japan

    Best Times To Visit Osaka​

    The best times to visit Osaka are in April/May or October/November. You’ll get the best temperatures during these months for sightseeing and exploring the city. Try to avoid the summer as Japan gets very humid during the rainy season. Winter may be less crowded and cheaper, but it gets quite cold.

    I personally recommend visiting in October or November. While visiting Osaka during the cherry blossoms season in spring may be high on your bucket list, it’s also a very busy time in Japan. The sakura attracts many tourists, which causes higher hotel prices and crowded streets. Even though you’ll have to miss the pink blossoms, you can enjoy the gorgeous Autumn foliage – which is just as lovely!

    I recommend booking hotels in Osaka at least three months in advance, possibly even earlier to avoid any disappointment. Especially during the spring, hotels get booked up very quickly!

    Osaka Dotonbori

    Conclusion – Where To Stay In Osaka​

    Osaka is a big but beautiful city, and it should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Japan. I hope this hotel guide has helped you find the perfect hotel for your stay. If you’re still planning your itinerary, why not check out my one day Osaka itinerary and my 3-week Japan itinerary?

    Save for later…

    where to stay in osaka

    where to stay in osaka
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